Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Truthful Tuesdays - excuses

What's the best excuse you ever used
to get out of an obligation like work, school, or chores...
And did you get away with it?

Well Let's see. I am not a good lie-come-up-with-er. There is only one time that comes to mind when I was trying to get out of something. I was trying to get out of a ticket when I was pregnant with Tre'. When I lived on the MS Gulf coast, the shipyards made a ten minute drive from Ocean Springs hospital back to Gautier about a thirty minute drive. Some days, if I got lucky enough to get the drawbridge over Singing River, it could be longer than that. Anyway, I was driving home one day, way too fast mind you, and I saw blue lights in the rear view. Well, I didn't want a ticket. I'm sure nobody ever does. When asked why I was speeding, with all my pregnant splendor I said..... "I have to pee really bad officer". I was not brave enough to say I thought I was in labor which was the first excuse that came to mind. Hey, it worked! I didn't think of it as a total lie because with someone constantly putting pressure on your bladder, you are always in need of a bathroom break.


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Confessions From A Working Mom said...

It's funny, when I was pregnant with G, I used to speed all the time, because I figured, hey, if somebody pulls me over, I'm just going to use all-things-pregnancy as my excuse! Glad to hear it actually works :)

Thanks for playing this week!

Confessions From A Working Mom


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