Sunday, September 20, 2015

The 2015/2016 School year is now in session!


School is officially in at the Hill Learnig Academy!  This homeschool year, we only have three students instead of four.  Our schedules are going to be all over the place this year, but we are going to make homeschooling work.  I'm in the process of weaning myself off of Facebook so I'm planning to do a lot of blogging and posting on Instagram. 

This year we have a crazy school schedule. We will start each week on Sunday afternoon, Monday morning and late afternoon, Wednesday morning and late afternoon, and Thursday early morning. Friday will be our designated field trip day.  Big P doesn't have college classes that day so it should work out for her to attend when she likes.


The kids are so excited!


We have a variety of curriculum this year. The little kids are doing apology astronomy While Tre will be studying biology using Easy Peasy homeschool. For Math, we will eventually be using saxon 54 for the little people and our 9th grader will be completing algebra one utilizing Easy Peasy homeschool. This week we have been reviewing basic addition and subtraction facts with the little ones.  They love competition so, we have been competing by going through the flash cards for speed and accuracy.  They all are diving into Sonlight core F.  Cursive is high up on our list of things to perfect.  

We began our study of China and communism.  Here are some of the youtube videos we used as supplementation: 

Until next week, 


Monday, August 10, 2015

Cotton Museum in Memphis

Happy Monday y'all ,

We haven't officially started school yet but, have been doing some school like stuff.  
Earlier this month we went on a field trip with our PEAK Tupelo homeschool group to The Memphis Cotton Museum in Memphis.  There was a traveling Faulkner's world exhibit on display in addition to the normal exhibits.  All of the kids gave the museum a thumbs up for sure.  The staff there were extra nice and very informed on all things cotton.  It's for sure worth checking out, especially if you are able to get the group rate!

We also had fun at Alabama Splash adventure.  Sorry no pictures (didn't want to get my phone wet)  ha!  It was a splash blast for sure!  

Last but, not least Precious finally has her license in preparation for her first day of college next week.  Whoohoo!! Yeah we cut it really close.  

Hope things are getting off to a good start with you and your school year.  Check back for updates!  

The Family 

We felt like we had traveled back in time if only for an afternoon.  

Friday, May 15, 2015

Our First Homeschool Graduate

So, like many blogs, ours has lain dormant for some time.   I felt led to update things a little bit around here tonight so I decided to start with the most recent events.  We have a graduate!  Our first little princess graduated from high school at the first of this month.  I can't find the words to explain how emotional it is to see your baby walk across that stage.  I was proud to say the least.  So proud of our Baby Girl as she closes her chapter of homeschool and starts her chapter into college.

Precious and her Aunt Dion
Maybe I'll decide to update you guys again soon.

For now, Have an extremely awesome day!


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