Sunday, January 10, 2010

da bomb mac and cheese!!!!

Okay for as much as I cook, I have never cooked homemade mac and cheese. Say it ain't so!! I know I know. The box is just so cheap I thought. Anyway, yesterday I got a recipe from this mama that is raising some little women and it was the bomb. (is that word still popular. Note to self ask Precious if people still say something is the bomb). Of course I had to double it so we could have leftovers for Sunday lazy lunch. The family loved it. That's an understatement. The family loooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeddddddddddd itttt!!! Now that's a little better. Just had to give her, her props for a recipe well shared. Okay so do you have a better one? Please, please share the recipe so we can try it out.


Michelle said...

haha! the bomb! well, i hope it's still cool 'cause i still say it! heehee but i still say cool beans and sike ~

Whoz Your Doula said...

I love sike.

Anonymous said...

Hello there!!! Saw your sweet comments and I must say....I want your recipe for biscuits!!!!! I heard that if you bake them all the time you get good at it, maybe thats my problem, anyway, sure glad you came by for a visit, come back anytime.
So cool about the tea rose !!!


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