Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4, 2010 MM

Monday Minute is an idea that I use for my children when they are journaling. It seems that they can drag it on forever and ever. I started this last year. Basically they spend a minute writing as many short facts as they can on a subject. After doing so they get nine more minutes to elaborate on those facts. So if it's good for the Geese here goes the gander.
No school
teacher's recoup from the holidays day
room cleaning
huge de-cluttering of Patience's clothes
drop off at charity
Worked for WIC
cold with some flurries
burgers and fries
bologna and cheese sands
eggs and bacon
not in that order
lots of mail
Man, I am cruel to these kids. A minute is not long, but, I have started now so it is going to have to be my Monday thing. For a little while at least. Have a great Tuesday

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