Friday, January 1, 2010


My Little Life

I was reading some blogs and I ran across five question Friday. Seems fun. Let's see how long I keep it up.

The questions for today are:

1.If you could bring one character to life from your favorite book, who would it be?
Well I am one of those weird people who does not have a favorite book. I read and read and read and whatever I just finished is my favorite book. I would however love to have Mary Poppins here with me. Man, she had it together and could sing and dance too.

2.Where did you get your very first kiss?
I don't think you are supposed to kiss and tell. Isn't there some rule against that or something? It was in my mother's living room and only just a peck.

3.How did you welcome in the New Year?
I am an old fogey I guess. We just spent some time with the kids eating pizza and cookies and when the clock struck we said whoooooooo!! Happy new year!! Okay all of you guys better get in bed now because we have lots of stuff to do tomorrow morning.
At least I let them stay up I guess. I was sleep by 12:45 which is very unusual for me.

4.What is your favorite Beatles' song?
you just can't pick one. What kind of question is that?

5. Donuts: overrated, underrated or 'bout right?"
Depends on the kind. When I lived on the coast, I absolutely loved Tato nuts. They were donuts made from potatoes and were the bomb. Those were totally underrated. When it comes to Shipley's which is here in Tupelo I guess they are 'bout right. to me Krispy Kreme is overrated. Of course everybody has their own opinion on that.

That was fun maybe I will remember to do it next week!

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