Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Minute 5/3/10

I have not done a Monday Minute since January, even though I said it was going to be my Monday thing. It is what I use for my children when they are journaling. It seems that they can drag it on forever and ever. I started this last year. Basically they spend a minute writing as many short facts as they can on a subject. After doing so they get nine more minutes to elaborate on those facts. So if it's good for the Geese here goes the gander.
researched curriculum for next year
chick-fil-a dinner
bacon and cream of wheat breakfast
lean cuisine while the kids had hot dogs and chips
shopped for RV's
worked at church
Anyway it's late so I am going to bed. That's a little insight into my day today. I actually thought we had baseball practice today and went that way just to find out that it will be tomorrow night instead. We were out so we decided that chick-fil-a would be a good dinner. I love the Christian atmosphere there. Even the music is set to Christian radio. I love how they take a stand on Christianity. The kids got veggie tales as their kids meal happy. Sorry I'm rambling. It's late. That my friends, was another Monday Minute.

By the way, I did work on the organization notebook yesterday. so far I have included:
a monthly calender
weekly schedule
daily schedule
pages for addresses and phone numbers
folder for address labels, stamps, envelopes
I will include pics when it's done.



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