Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Writing curriculum

This week I am going to take a day and think about what courses I am sure I want the kids to have. We have Spanish for dummies and I have also enrolled us in a community Spanish class so that is going to be our language for the year. Today Jimmy and I discussed writing. I'm not to sure what I want to do about it. Tre' is reading on 3rd grade Abeka books but, only finished 1st grade last school term. His writing however, is nothing to be desired. I decided that I would teach it all over to him, the cursive, while PJ learns it.
I already decided on Mystery of History and Apologia science. I purchased those back at the begining of the summer. The Abeka math is still the program for us. I really like teaching textbooks but, when we did the placement test Precious was ready for prealgebra. I just was not ready for that. Language will be Abeka too. We will read some of the classics with Precious for reading. I need suggestions on that one. Oh well that's my ramble for the day. I am going to wash dishes yeah, whoopee, how exciting!!! Shalom

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