Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Today was a bad point day. I stopped counting after about the fifth Dove chocolate. I'm on weight watchers and I watched my weight rise today. Anyway no gym today either because my bad knee was killing me. Kids are home. I'm tired. I sewed two t-shirt shopping bags for somebody. I needed to get on the machine since I have not been on it in a minute. I plan to whip up something tomorrow since it is all set up on the table. Not sure what yet. I also need to crochet some stuff and clean the living room. Right now though, its an Aleve and bed. Shalom


Anonymous said...

Toni, I didn't know that you sew. Please come to my house! I need sewing 101 since I have a brand new sewing machine on the floor here.

Whoz Your Doula said...

You can not have a sewing machine lying around with that sweet little girl who could be wearing pillowcase dresses. They are super easy.


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