Saturday, July 12, 2008

Sweet Saturday

Ideally, we try to spend Saturday with the kids. It is normally our family day. Today we went to Lowe's for build and grow. PJ actually really built something start to finish for the first time today. Of course, I didn't have my camera. Tre' got help from dad and ended up having what we called a frunk on his dune buggy. We bought a venus fly trap and supplies for the shelves I have to put up in the classroom before school starts. After Lowe's it was lunch time. We had a picnic in the van since it was too hot by then to have it outside. We then drove to Saltillo just to drive and looped back to Tupelo. We used to take long drives with the kids all the time and just end up somewhere before gas became so outrageous. After that we went to pet smart to look at gear for the new aquarium. Then to staples so I could get some relaxation from the massager there on display. I have to have one of those this Christmas. I told Jimmy that is all I want. It just feels so good. After that we were too tired to do anything else and went home for an afternoon nap. About 8 we got the idea of going to get pizza while I go to Anytime Fitness for my workout. That will make you not overeat. Workout and then pizza. lol. It's now bath and bed for the kids. They have to go to bed we will be having a cookout after church tomorrow.
Shalom, Toni


Anonymous said...

I always miss those workshops! Let me know when you go to the next one. Maybe we can meet there.

Whoz Your Doula said...

the next one will be the 26th from 10-11. They will be making tetherballs. You can register online to secure your spot but, we normally just show up. They have never ran out when we came since our area is so small. Home Depot, however does end up getting past projects when they have workshops so you should get to those early.
I can't remember which Saturday they have it at hd though.


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