Monday, July 7, 2008


Yesterday and today I prepared for art for all of the kids. We do art year around so the art area is looking pretty bare. Our staples are:
  • paper w/one clean side recycled from someone's job usually
  • 20-25 magazines for picture cuttings
  • about 10 bottles of glue 3-4 glue sticks(Precious is the only one that uses glue sticks)
  • clay (I make my own recipe later), cookie cutters, etc.
  • plaster of Paris
  • scissors, markers, crayons, colored pencils, enough so each child can work at the same time
  • construction paper, tracing paper, and sketch pads
  • paint, washable of course and brushes, (we make those too)
  • paper bags, fabric and yarn scraps, stickers, pill bottles, bottle caps, plastic lids, egg shells, etc.
  • lots and lots of tape electrical, masking, and invisible
  • spray bottle w/vinegar and water and cleaning rags
  • apron per kid

I have also decided that I am selling the school desks this year. We don't use them much. It seems the kitchen table works fine for us although we do have a classroom it's crazy! Precious has a desk in her room and so do the boys so we are downsizing them since they seem to stay in the way. Also we are setting up centers all over the house, (well in the living room, hall areas, and kitchen anyway). This may become a disaster later we'll have to see but, this way each child can have their personal time without distracting the others who maybe working. More later.



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Mom Guide said...

Hi Toni

I just dropped by to visit after you commented on my page. You kids are cuties!

I am orginally from Mississippi, Port Gibson.



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