Saturday, January 12, 2013

Time 4 Learning Review

A while back, I had the opportunity to review Time 4 Learning.  I actually was happy to be able to review this site because I have heard good things about it from other homeschool families.  The review came at a good time because we were spending some vacation time from our normal schoolwork anyway.   I tend to not be really big on kids spending a whole lot of time on the pc for games so my kids loved to be able to have two hours each per day set aside just for the Time 4 Learning site.  

The set-up was fairly simple.  I logged in, created a profile for each student which included which grade level I wanted them to study in, and chose the amount of time they should spend on each lesson or subject.  Each child got their own login id and had to log in on their own account.  I thought this was nice because it taught them a skill that they will need as they use further internet sites later in life.  
My youngest child, who is six, studied at three different grade levels since her math is on level, her reading well above, and her other subjects I wanted to keep the same as her older brother's so we could do projects or have discussions together in relation to what they learned.  She absolutely loved it.  She even has been asking me if she can spend time on Time 4 Learning even now that our trial is over.
My youngest son is eight and still has some challenges as it comes to reading.  Because I am the one who sets their levels, it was good for his self-esteem to not realize he was set at a lower level than his younger sister.  He really enjoyed the games that were really learning exercises.  I was able to log-in later and see what his scores were in what section and direct him to do exercises over. 

My sixth grader enjoyed using the site as well.  I asked him what he liked best and he said that it was all fun.  

My high-schooler, who is to old for the site because it only goes through eighth grade was seen looking over the shoulder of the younger kids as they worked on their work. She said she wishes that there was something for her age.   

I spent some time looking over the preschool portion and the other grade levels that the kids were not  enrolled in.  They seemed to be equally fun to look over and even more important they were very educational.  

In conclusion  I enjoyed the review of Time 4 Learning and will probably add it into our "school time" for this semester.  I will, however, only allow the kids one hour each on the site.  I still prefer them to do most of their learning with books and paper.  I tend to be a tad bit old-school on that one.  

Have a great weekend!

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