Wednesday, January 9, 2013

School and Elvis' 78th Birthday Celebration

We finished school early yesterday morning and headed to The birthplace for Elvis' 78th birthday celebration. It's just kind of hard to be in Tupelo and not catch a little Elvis craziness!  We had cake with other Elvis fans, toured the birth pace and museum for free (yay!), watched a short film and a great performance by the Tupelo Unity Choir.   I even saw myself in the local paper in one of the pictures.  (I had not the slightest clue I was in the shot)

The theater entrance at the Birthplace Museum is complete with a headliner.  

Tupelo Diversity and Unity Choir

Couldn't get everybody looking in the same direction.  I think they were thinking about cake.  :)

Until my next update, have a great day!

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Stephen Beck said...

Looks like a fun trip. My mom was born outside Tupelo. She's a distant cousin of Elvis'... really. I need to take a trip back to Tupelo sometime soon

Kerry Beck


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