Friday, April 29, 2011

My shares of the week

It is interesting the number of links I share in a given week. It is almost funny how much time I waste on facebook in the middle of the night while I can't sleep. Looking for a post that I shared only earlier this week led me to come up with the idea of sharing on my blog. This week has been full of mixed emotions. The storms that passed through our area have left a trail of devastation in its wake. I am so blessed that our family was spared this tragedy. We spent many hours this week in the hall while listening to continuous sirens over head. I am not sure how many tornado warnings we were under but, we didn't leave the house for two days because of the threat. Our extended family, who lives in Wren, MS -one of the places hit only had to deal with hail damage to vehicles and loss of power for a couple of days. Only a mile away many family friends lost their homes. I can't help but, remember the way I felt after Hurricane Katrina and my heart goes out to the victims of this disaster. So this week's links were mostly about the devastation that so many suffered in so many states.

This one about a homeschool father of 13 affected me the most. It really hit home about the protection that the father makes for his children. Our father in heaven as well as our earthly father. After hearing the speaking in the background of that blog someone shared this video of an 11 year old revealing Jesus throughout the Bible. I thought it was totally amazing to hear that from a child so passionately. I thought of all the verses we teach our kids that follow the alphabet and even some that relate to Bible stories and I thought this would be an amazing thing to do for a year long Bible study with the children. I found this link that is sort of a chart of all that child spoke about and I will make a plan of how it can be incorporated into our daily Bible/devotion time.

This one reported about the tornado in Cullman Alabama was important to me because of our last interim pastor at our church Pastor Bob. My children prayed without ceasing that his family was safe. He emailed us a day or so later informing us that he was serving someplace else but, that his home church there in Cullman, Christ Lutheran, was totally destroyed. We will keep them in our hearts and prayers along with all of the others who have been affected by these storms.


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