Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First day of School

Well, the 09/10 Hill learning academy has officially begun. Our first official day was 9/8/09. PJ was the most excited of the whole gang and was a little irritated that his lesson lasted as short of a time as it did. Precious completed all of her 7th grade work and says that she is glad she read the Twilight series this summer because it helped with the speed that she reads. I am glad too. Tre' was the only one stuck with individual work on the first day of school as he did not finish his Rod and Staff math in the time he was given. Only Precious and I did Meals on Wheels today. The youngsters stayed home with dad and finished coloring their school boxes. Yes, Patience has one too.
This year I have some boxes that stack on top of each other for each child. Precious has basic supplies including:
pens and pencils
ruler and compass
fine tip markers, colored pencils
index cards
Tre' has:
glue and scissors
pencils, sharpener, erasers
markers, crayons, ruler
PJ has:
glue, scissors, pencils, eraser
crayons and markers
Patience has:
glue, scissors
crayons and a pencil
I hope this is going to help with the "she has mine"s. I can't stand that and it takes up too much valuable time.

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