Wednesday, September 9, 2009

spelling site

Well, today was an ok day at the Hill Learning academy. All of our subjects were completed in a timely manner. No one even had to have homework. I used one site to make some word finds with this weeks spelling words and found a true find.
Here I am able to load my kids lists and they can come to the computer and it will say spell say the words with them. How cool is that, I know!! It also provides a testing center and a print out of a certificate. I really like it for Tre' who is always wanting to jump on the pc. Now he has typing and spelling practice on the computer. He is going to be a happy camper.

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Aisha said...

we homeschooled, but have put our children in school now except for my toddlers. We are thinking about trying it again when each child gets to the middle school age. I have some home school videos on my page. let me know what you think.



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