Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions, wishes, goals whatever

So I guess I will be like tons of other bloggers I see and blog about all of my expectations and goals for the upcoming year. Then like most of them, I will get to look back on 2010 and see everything I planned to do and didn't. lol
  1. Pray without ceasing
  2. Continue to study the Word of GOD diligently.
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. You know the whole 5 a day thing.
  4. Exercise more frequently instead of every now and then.
  5. slow down. Yeah right like that's going to happen with two jobs, college, homeschooling, birthing project, La Leche League, birth........okay we are really going to work on that one.
  6. spend more time with my family in true quality time fashion.
  7. STAY AWAY FROM FACEBOOK - This one is going to be hard. I'm sure all you fellow facebookers feel the same way I do. Or is it just me.
  8. Stay on my budget. -this one is not too hard. I have no choice. you can only stretch a dollar so far, right. We do tend to splurge when it comes to things for the kids just can't help it they are so cute.
  9. Don't half do anything
  10. Read more books...... I am going to try to keep my reading list this year. I will make my goal 50 books. Let's see how I do.
Happy New Year, you few, you proud, you people who read my boring blog. Maybe I should add that I will blog more frequently to my list. No need to lie. I will continue to do what I can.
Shalom. Toni

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