Sunday, June 29, 2008

The teeth are Gone

I am so happy Tre' decided to pull his teeth. They were so loose so long that it looked like he just had a jacked up mouth. Anyway this is his second pair to loose. I had to sit on the poor boy to get the first two out! This time I said "Tre' let me show you how to pull out your tooth." He was very gullible and said "ok" I then took some gauze and commenced with explaining that you grab the tooth like this and you pull......Well before he knew what happened it was out. He said oh that was not bad and decided that "he" would pull the other and he did. I was surprised but, very proud that he had did it on his own. Now I need to get him to wear a headband so those locks won't continue to be all in his face. another day I guess. Shalom,

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Anonymous said...

Just look at that smile! Too cute!


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