Monday, June 30, 2008

baseball, softball, football oh my!

Somehow early this year I got the bright idea of my two oldest playing softball and baseball. Precious' softball career was short and not to excited. Not because she couldn't play or anything it was her first year and seemingly that of all of her teammates.
T-ball with Tre' lasted a little longer and was a little more exciting because of how hilarious it was. Tre's last game was tonight. He was supposed to experience his first double-header but, the other team did not have but three kids show up. It's the last game for crying out loud. One might think they could hang in there for just one more.
Tomorrow they go to mickey D's for a party and trophies. I hope he gets Neal as his coach again because we really like him. Its almost like he had more fun than the boys. He really kept us hyped up throughout the season.

Above is a picture of PJ at one game or another that he was dragged to. He is showing how not excited he is to be there......

July 1st is also the first day to sign up to play football in Sherman. I guess we get to start all of this running back over again. Of course, since my son is a 90 lb 6 year old my husband just can't wait until he can play football. Does every man expect his first born son to be a Heisman trophy winner? I can't laugh too much about it though, you never know. Shalom,
ps I have to go feed my 6 year old dinner. He is the only one here everybody else is at Granny's. It's really quiet around here.

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Anonymous said...

You are a busy mama, Toni. It starts up over here in the fall with football and soccer. Sigh. Bittersweet.


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