Tuesday, August 6, 2013

8/6/13 school update day 12

Howdy, all of you who care what we do!  Thanks for stopping by.  We haven't blogged in a very long time so I thought we would do an update today.  It's rainy here.. that's an understatement.  There is thunderstorm rolling through and I sure hope it is all the way through by the time we go to speech in a little while.  Anywho!  Today we did school. We are on day 12 of our school year.  The kids were begging to start.   Big P has a job babysitting for a family so it's been different with her not around.  I guess at some point the 16 year old has to fly might as well be sooner than later.  right?
I had all intentions to buy My Father's World this year.  It was even in the shopping cart but, we did a total 360 and are doing something different.  We are using a lot of the Easy Peasy homeschool curriculum this year.  I have looked over a lot of it and we love it!
Little P, who is 7 and a very advanced reader doing the third grade material on the site and working from her Spectrum math book.  We are also using a lot of worksheets from Enchanted Learning for her as well since she loves busy work.    I will tell you what things we have done with the other ones later.

Today we learned about tall tales.  The kids loved the story of John Henry.  Here is the video they watched that kept buffering because our internet does not like storms.
It was a perfect video to watch on a stormy day with the kids.  It was also a great intro to our opening study of African American history.  We plan to spotlight at least one African American person per week for them so they can have a better grasp on their own history and that of their ancestors.  I am not following a specific curriculum so you will have to just check back and see who we learn about next.  
Of course Little P heard James Earl Jones on the clip and instantly said is that Simba's daddy?  
baha ha ha!  I got a kick out of that one from her!
Until I blog again.

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