Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Moment

Today was an okay Sunday.  Lots of stormy weather tonight including a awesome lightening storm I got to drive in.  Yay!  What could have been better?  We missed church because I was working on homework last night and got up way too late!  We ended up at mama's house and then to KFC because they have a $6 buffet special down in Amory.  After eating we toured the Amory Museum because we hadn't been that way for a long time.  Followed the day up with a visit to see Jimmy's grandmother who we haven't been able to see since she got out of the hospital because we have all had the worst upper respiratory/cold/sinus infections.  (no one ever got a diagnosis. so I'm not sure what we had) Lots of Jewish Penicillin took care of it though.  Tomorrow is Labor Day and hopefully this storm will let up enough for us to have a good turn out for the Improving Birth National Rally right here in Tupelo.
 Until the next time, Toni

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