Friday, May 4, 2012

CHENM Kindergarten Graduation 2012

Busy day today.  I was privileged to be present when a sweet baby girl was born yesterday.

After only a few hours rest, I broke down this morning and went to see the doctor to get a shot for these allergies that have been bothering me all week.  Gotta love when things are blooming in Mississippi!  That shot has me wired which explains why I'm up at midnight answering emails and catching up on some blogging.   I was excited that I have kept off six pounds in the past month.  That may not seem like much to you but, is truly a major accomplishment for me.

After that quickly home to get the kids, who were of course not ready, for a meeting at church, followed by what was supposed to be a quick shopping trip to three different stores in search of Mary Jane"s for my little girl.  I can't believe I had to settle for some white flats.   It was the most "little girl" pair.  Picked them up from Children's Place for $8 so I wasn't upset about that.  I don't shop in there but, at that price you can't beat it.    I got a good deal on the dress too. It was on $11.50 at JcPenny's.  I see another shopping trip in the future to get some decent church dresses for the summer.

Then for the highlight of the day..  My baby girl graduated from kindergarten.  I've been so busy I didn't have time to process until just now.  She's my baby and now she has completed her first official year of school.  tear! okay, okay, okay.... I'm okay now.  Anyway, I'm about to get in bed so that I can get some rest just in case another little baby decides this weekend is the day.  It's a little grainy because it's the first time I recorded on my phone, however the sound is fine until Patience comes back to the seat and we are telling her to be quiet.  

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