Saturday, February 4, 2012

Heart boxes Home Depot

I was discussing with littlest P about all of the pins that biggest P had on her home depot apron that she has been using for her workbench. She said "I don't have one mama why not?" I hate when she catches me in something like that so I said to myself that our monthly trips to Lowe's and Home Depot have to return again so Littlest P doesn't feel left out when she is looking at pictures lol. It was an extremely rainy Saturday combined with the kids really needing to get out of the house. So off to make heart boxes at Home Depot we went.

Little P refused to let me help her.

Biggest P helped Middle P with his construction.

Middle P all done and thinking about who he wants to give his heart box to. When he brought it up it really made me think about how all of these little projects started piling up around the house last time. We will definitively start a box with some creative birthday/Christmas/everyday gifts for family members this week.

J is ten and still enjoys the Home Depot Kid's workshop.

Next week Lowe's build and grow. Oh joy joy! I'm so excited. Until the next time I update,


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