Saturday, December 10, 2011

What we're up to!

so I don't blog much. Yeah, I know!
Every time I think of blogging a pot boils over, a kid falls, somebody needs to go somewhere. It seems to be inevitable. I do have to say, it is wonderful to be almost done with this semester. I was thinking, as I took my next to my last final this morning, I felt relief all over me. I was thinking during this semester, that it was totally insane to homeschool my children +one and work further towards my degree (which I highly recommend should be done before attempting to have children) all at the same time, however, this semester is almost done, the children are where I planned for them to be at this point, and we are all happy. Even with the doula births, WIC lactation work, and the birthing project little sisters life could not be even sweeter. Oh, I know I don't mention the man with the plan, Jimmy, much but, I'm glad he's so supportive through it all.
Anyway on to the updates:
Precious: is such the polite young woman. She is preparing to be a debutante this summer by having lots of classes in between. She despises Algebra but, actually is doing pretty well in it. She just finished reading The Scarlet Letter and is currently reading Great Expectations. She has a list of 150 SAT prep words that she plans to have learned by Christmas. She is quite the author and writes short stories very quickly but, is not a poet by any means. In a nutshell, Precious is precious.
Tre': is finally learning cursive and doing better writing that than writing in print. huh I should have taught it first. He is devouring books every week. He loves to read! Which I'm very proud of especially since he's a boy and they tend to despise reading. He is doing well in math (Saxon if you were wondering what we use). He likes vocabulary and wants to be in a spelling bee so I will have to work towards figuring out how we will do that. He is studying about astrology right now and is very fascinated with it. Oh he recently figured out that he could burn leaves with a magnifying glass and this has become his favorite pass time. He's so helpful with the children these days and has moved on from washing dishes to washing pots which he thought would be more fun than it is.
PJ: lost his two front teeth. Is becoming more of a reader each day. He is still doing a lot of decoding but, is getting to the point of being able to decode without much help from me. He loves math and is learning about astrology with his brother and enjoys that. He is very fascinated with government right now- yes at his age- weird I know but, he is. Oh he is the new dish washer in the house and also figured out it wasn't as fun as it looked. He lost his two front teeth recently and looks so much cuter! Which I thought was impossible-I'll post a pic when I get a chance.
Patience: last but, certainly not least is still the Hill family sweet heart. There is no telling what is going to come out of her mouth. She has an attitude that is..... indescribable. Her uncle says she is like sweet heat chips. I think that about sums it up. She is learning some sight words and doing some beginning reading at this point. The authority figure in me doesn't like her sassiness but, the feminist in me loves her spunk! Oh and yesterday, she cut her hair ha! because it was sticking out was her answer when I asked her why so now she looks like she has lost all of her ages from them being pulled too tight or something. You have to have a lot of patience with Patience.

Well there's the update on the kiddos. I would say that I will try to blog more but, every time I say that I don't so until the next post I hope you and yours are great!

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