Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week 2

Wow! week 2 went quick. Sort of like most weeks do I guess. We finished the first lesson in Mystery of History. I will put pictures up of the beginning of our timeline soon. Also the boys and Little P are exploring astronomy with Apologia. We also have some supplementary books that we have been reading on the subject as well. Preston's reading base is growing steadily and surprises me daily. Little P always surprises me with her willingness to learn. We delivered meals on wheels this week and Little P had her tutu on the entire time. School for me has been a challenge but, I am using my stuck-to-it-tiveness to get things done. I am busy working on our calendar for the year. I have only gotten through December and I know the months go by so fast. It seems like we are getting into our routine and getting off to a good start for this school year. The kids love their co-op classes at CHOICE and Patience was extremely happy
about her kindermusik class last week with Ms. Sandy and is looking forward to having fun tomorrow as well. Precious ran her first official meet on Saturday in Saltillo and did very well. She sprinted past ten people in the last stretch.

Well I guess that's about it. Lots of cross country practice, football practice, birthing project business, doula babies, my college homework, etc. etc. other than that we have not been too busy. Hope you and yours are doing great!

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