Friday, August 5, 2011

Homeschool Freedom day!

My friend Mary Jo, started a holiday with her kids a few years back called homeschool freedom day. It's basically celebrated on the first day of school for our public/private school counter parts. I thought it was a wonderful idea and celebrated the first time last year. This year we had planned to meet other homeschoolers at our local splash pad but, I also told the kids since it was their freedom day they could sleep in. Well lol they slept in well past the time we were supposed to meet the others and we ended up braving the 100+ heat index. After 30 or so minutes out in the heat, I was so wishing I had brought a change of clothes for myself. I let them pick whatever they each wanted for lunch since I never am a short order cook once we are schooling. Of course PJ wanted oatmeal (yes for lunch, it's his chocolate-could be worse) , Tre' wanted pb and j, Cookey Face wanted a hot ham and cheese and buttered noodles and Precious toasted some bread and made a peanut butter sandwich. I had a concoction plate of all of these - minus the oatmeal. I just can't eat that in the middle of the day. We went to McDonald's for ice cream afterwards for a cool off. Once daddy was home we had a late dinner and watched movies off of netflix until everyone fell asleep. We had fun! Isn't that what homeschool freedom day is all about? Now it's time to get in planning mode. nope I'm not done with that yet..

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