Sunday, November 1, 2009

day 48

Ok so far for the 365 day clutter challenge, I have declutter clothes. I have in keeping with the challenge gotten rid of an item per day.. Some days I don't and I catch up when I think about it. So I will try to keep a journal on what I declutter so I can see the progress I have made in the end.
Today-I am decluttering the game station. We have a game station right next to the front door where all the board games and card games goes. I have done a good job of organizing all of the pieces in little zip lock bags for each individual game since the boxes take up so much space some time ago. The problem is it looks junky so today I will move all of these things into the coat closet to get rid of some of the visual suff in the living room. I have bought a few plastic shoe boxes so they will all fit neatly on the shelf. Hopefully I can find my declutter thing of the day while I am doing it.

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